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Indomie Indomie Rap Musicz

As a child growing up in Singapore, there was an extensive selection of ramen/instant noodles to choose from. Usually I would make a bowl of the processed delight after school or when I was in a hurry. A popular brand came from Indonesia, Indomie, and has always been one of my favorites. Here is J20 and the Indomie anthem.

Indomie, Indomie, Indomie.

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If Rebecca Black Had Swag (Girl Swag)…

…she would be Madison Bray. And with lyrics such as:

She-She’s just nine years old
Yeah I’m moving on, trying to keep my groove on
With my girl swag on on on on

Madison Bray might be giving Kreayshawn and the Grandma wearing Jordan III’s a run for their money… [to be read with sarcasm].


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Chinatown Hustler – Notorious MSG

Live And Die Like A Chinatown Hustler

the notorious msg primary photo extralarge 1180124828311 1024x879 Chinatown Hustler   Notorious MSG

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