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Ask Me Vol. 14 – Breaks on my Pants, Velvet Jackets and Heavier Men Dressing

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I am looking for a dapper men’s winter coat (I am based in Manhattan) versatile enough to wear to work and also out on the town..and hopefully not spend an absolute fortune. What recommendations do you have? Thanks – Mike D.
Gray is the most versatile color a man can wear, you can dress it down or up. I would recommend either a gray peacoat or topcoat.  Here is one from Black Fleece that suits your criteria.

Hey, really loving your blog. I recently purchased a lot of man jewelry   Usually from Miansai, Giles and Brother & Margiela. So how bout you? Love/hate? – Daniel
I really like the idea of many of these jewelry designers but, I honestly do not wear any jewelry. I do not like the feeling of having something on my fingers, neck or wrists. I do not even like wearing watches.  I guess I am pretty odd. Maybe one day though.

Last week I went to Target to buy some milk and I saw they had some nice fitting poplin shirts. I’m loosing weight and don’t want to spend much on new clothes until my weight stabilized  What are your thoughts on those shirts? FYI, I probably just need them for over a month – Joseph
I am not familiar with the quality of Target’s shirts. If you need a low price-point shirt, I encourage you to buy Uniqlo. They fit well and use quite decent fabrics considering the price points

I was thinking about purchasing track pants(Ink Matte Nylon) from the T by Alexander Wang f/w 2012 collection. What are your thoughts on them? – Antonio 
I am not really a fan of track pants and sweat pants. I personally have two pairs of sweat pants, a size four Thom Browne navy pair and Lanvin sweatpants.  The Thom Browne pants are used in the home and are never to be worn in public.  I have worn the Lanvin sweat pants out due to the fact they have a cuff and have a crease sewn in.  Most sweat pants are way too casual for me and they look a bit odd with the clothes I normally wear.

I noticed that sometimes you wear chinos/cargos cuffed and let some sock show, but other times you wear them unrolled and let them down over your boots. I often have trouble deciding when I should roll up and when I should let them down. Can you give me any insight on this matter — and, i know you don’t wear jeans, but any thoughts on this matter when it comes to denim? Also, how much sock to show — does this change based on the footwear? – Maxwell
I always try to have a cuff on all of my pants and only have a few pairs of cuffless pants. I believe that pants need to end somewhere and they look strange if they don’t have a “finishing line”. The only pairs of pants that I can think of that are not cuffed are the Gant of Michael Bastian cargo pants. They are finished at the bottom with multiple seams and an ankle tightener. It would be a tremendous amount of work to shorten the pants and I have opted to wear them as is. For my cuffed pants, I usually adjust the break on my pants by season. In the winter I primarily wear boots and prefer my pants to be very short so they do not catch on to the boot. All of my winter weight pants are shorter than my summer and spring pants.  No matter the length your pants, you should be comfortable physically and mentally.

Austin Wong Melanie Berger Allen Edmonds Shoes Ask Me Vol. 14   Breaks on my Pants, Velvet Jackets and Heavier Men Dressing

What do you do to keep up with trends and upcoming labels? I live in a small Midwestern town, so there isn’t a lot of inspiration. I’ve googled ‘menswear’ and started following a few blogs, but the sheer volume of information and websites out there is overwhelming. – Alex
I am a very product driven person, I do no really “keep up” with what is really going on in the menswear world.  If anything, I usually walk through the big department stores in New York City and look at the products buyers have bought and which ones they left out.  I suggest you to look through online stores and focus on what labels you like and do some more research about the brand.  Look through their runway stills online and see what people are saying about them.

Just discovered your blog and I’m loving it. I just bought a pair of navy blue leather boots. Other than jeans, what would you suggest wearing them with? – Ryan
Navy leather shoes are hard to wear. If they were in suede that would be another story as they go fairly well with everything.  Trying pairing your boots with navy blue, gray or olive-green pants. You just have to find a way to not clash your color palette.  I suggest you to wear something else navy so that they compliment the boots.

What do you think of velvet jackets, especially in purple or burgundy ? – Michael
I am not a fan of velvet jackets and I would only wear velvet as a dinner jacket. For me, velvet seems a bit too clownish especially in a purple or burgundy. If I had a burgundy velvet jacket, I would only wear it to parties and social events and it’s not something I would wear often.

Acne Burgundy Velvet Dinner Jacket Ask Me Vol. 14   Breaks on my Pants, Velvet Jackets and Heavier Men Dressing

I’m currently a full-time university student and I have recently picked up a blue blazer from Zara. It fits incredible and I’m absolutely in love with it, but I feel like if I were to wear it to school it would seem like I’m trying to hard. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on what to pair this blazer with to prevent me from coming off as a try hard. Thanks. – Nick P
If you like it, just wear it.  Don’t worry about what other people say.  If your peers are making comments they are probably insecure with the way they dress.  Why not just wear a tie with your jacket or better yet, just get the matching pants.  It doesn’t matter what people say.  If you like it, wear it.

Looking at a Thom Browne Brooks Brothers size 1 coat. Shoulder to shoulder: 17″, Underarm to underarm: 19″, underarm to cuff: 19″, Length excluding collar: 39″ My chest measures an actual 36″ and I take a size 38 coat normally. Would this coat fit? Thank You – Kevin
Yes, I think you can fit this coat.  You don’t want it to be too tight and you can  always get a tailor to take in if it is too big.

How do i exactly find my own style? taking into consideration that I always had bad fashion sense? – Wayne C
You need to find clothing that fit your lifestyle and you daily needs.  Try not to buy into trends, instead figure out what you like and grow from there.  Personally, I have very little regard for me clothing and often mistreat my whole wardrobe   I need clothing that wears like iron and can take beatings through rain, drink spills and food stains.  That is why I usually wear dark colors and heavy fabrics.  I also tend to lose scarves and gloves, thus all the pockets in all my clothing.  Remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about functionality.

I’m a big/heavy/large man and I’ve been doing fashion related research lately. Most the articles that I’ve read tell what not to wear and what to avoid if you are a fat guy but hardly tell what to wear. I was hoping if you could shed some light on casual dressing for bulky people and where to look for respective clothes (jeans/pants/chinos). – Jack
I always had a strong admiration for heavier men who dress well.  Some of these men go complete against the grain and wear checks, short pants hems and high-rise pants (things that they are told not to wear).  Many of these “guides” tell heavier men how to look thinner and do not point out that sometimes you should just need to embrace yourself.  I recommend you to buy clothing that you like and not to worry about what to avoid.

Alber Elbaz Ask Me Vol. 14   Breaks on my Pants, Velvet Jackets and Heavier Men Dressing

So, animal print was fairly big this year especially with Givenchy and other brands. However, do you think it’s on the way out at this point or is there still some life in it. It’s just I’ve got my eye on a nice Shark jumper from Givenchy and don’t want to waste my money. Some advice would be fantastic. – Isaac B
Do not buy the sweat shirt.  Only purchase the sweater if you know when the next shark week is airing.  If you know when shark week is, it means you really like sharks and need to have a $500+ sweater with a shark on it.  Do not buy into the trends, especially if you are going to shelve out a substantial amount of money.  There are a lot of other prints out there that are much more interesting.  Check this out, everyone likes burgers.

Greetings bruh bruh.  Hope you’re mad flossing at Pitti: pretty interested to see what gear you’re packing this year once the street style photos hit the web.  Quick question: do you know who makes S.T Dupont’s RTW line? If so, is it even worth buying their gear? I have my eye on one of their plaid windowpane car coats. – Azrael
I honestly have no idea that Dunpont has a clothing line.  If their clothes are like their lighters than it has to be pretty good.  Maybe you can send me a link?

What are your thoughts on Quoddy and Yuketens? – Singaporean
I am assuming that you are referring to the boat shoes and moccasins.  I do not wear such shoes and do not have any experience with the two companies   Yuketen makes some great boots and I have heard very positive things about them.

Yuketen Hunting Boots Ask Me Vol. 14   Breaks on my Pants, Velvet Jackets and Heavier Men Dressing

My name is Marcelo. I’m very interested in buying a pair of Visvim Skynyrd Ring. Trying to find a store, I found a post in this blog. Do you have any idea about where I can find the Visvim Skynyrd? I didn’t find any store icon sad Ask Me Vol. 14   Breaks on my Pants, Velvet Jackets and Heavier Men Dressing – Marcelo
You can check eBay.  I looked at all the online stores and resell stores such as Concept Shop and Human Behavior and found nothing.  eBay is your best bet.


Pitti Uomo 83 – Gentle Earth Fall/Winter 2013

Here is an interesting scarf company from Germany, Gentle Earth. This accessory label prints satellite images of the earth onto sheer cashmere and wool scarfs. The images include many natural structures as well as aerial views of man made ones (cities). One of my favorites is the green circular scarf which is an aerial photograph of the Saudi Arabian irrigation fields. The collection includes images of Las Vegas, the Prismatic Lake in Yellowstone Park and the Brandberg Mountains. The coordinates are also printed onto the scarf and you can use Google Earth to pinpoint what is being illustrated.

Gentle Earth Scarf Fall Winter 2013 Pitti Pitti Uomo 83   Gentle Earth Fall/Winter 2013

Gentle Earth Scarf Fall Winter 2013 Las Vegas Pitti Uomo 83   Gentle Earth Fall/Winter 2013

Gentle Earth Scarves Fall Winter 2013 Las Vegas Pitti Uomo 83   Gentle Earth Fall/Winter 2013

Gentle Earth Scarf Fall Winter 2013 Brandberg Mountains Pitti Uomo 83   Gentle Earth Fall/Winter 2013

Gentle Earth Scarf Fall Winter 2013 Pitti Uomo 83   Gentle Earth Fall/Winter 2013

Gentle Earth Scarf Pitti Uomo 2013 Fall Winter Pitti Uomo 83   Gentle Earth Fall/Winter 2013

 Pitti Uomo 83   Gentle Earth Fall/Winter 2013

 Pitti Uomo 83   Gentle Earth Fall/Winter 2013

 Pitti Uomo 83   Gentle Earth Fall/Winter 2013


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