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Details Style Network Launch

Yesterday, Details Magazine launched their Style Network. The Style Network is a website which features selected contributors and houses their work under one roof. This website is aiming to be the “one stop shop” for online menswear and some of the participants include Liam Saw This, Secret Forts, Monsieur Jerome and myself.

Details Style Network Details Style Network Launch

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Col. Littleton and his Alligator Flyswatter

My latest purchase is a very interesting one, a “No. 5 Cinch Belt from Col. Littleton. I was drawn to the belt by the uniqueness of the buckle, a brass-lever mechanism, something you do not see everyday. The belt itself also has a very distinctive quality, it is adjustable.  This particular belt can fit a size This feature originated from the US Military M1907 rifle sling which was used stabilize soldier’s rifles while aiming.

ColLittletonCinch Col. Littleton and his Alligator Flyswatter

ColLittletonAdjustable Col. Littleton and his Alligator Flyswatter

Col. Littleton doesn’t only make this wonderful belt but also a handful of other very special items ranging from bags, phone cases, agendas, bookmarks, belts, wallets, pocket knives and even flyswatters. Many of the items are designed with Americana and ruggedness in mind. One of the more interesting items is the “No. 11 survival belt which features a 27 foot military specified parachute cord. Col. Littleton believes that the cord could serve useful in many situations which include: A life line, securing a boat, dragging a deer out of the woods, an arm sling, tying tree limbs down to make a shelter, a dog leash, and even lowering supplies down to a person in a pit,. If you happen to actually use the belt, Col. Littleton will restring the belt for free in return for a description of the situation and some pictures.

collittletonsurvivalbelt Col. Littleton and his Alligator Flyswatter

The story behind Col. Littleton is an interesting one.  As the Colonel was traveling around the country he visited many fine men’s stores and found that many of these stores lacked unique gift items. Seeing this niche, the Colonel bought 17 vintage cufflinks and carefully packaged them.  He then ventured out to several stores and by th2e end of the day he sold every pair.  This drove him to start his company and since 1987, he has been crafting extremely fine and equally unique items.  I find his product videos to be extremely informative even though they are very quirky.


Anyone who has an alligator flyswatter is the illest muthaf*cka alive…

alligator flyswatter Col. Littleton and his Alligator Flyswatter

I will definitely be adding more Col. Littleton items to my wardrobe and more importantly to my ever-growing housewares collection (alligator flyswatter).

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Orrefors by Karl Lagarfeld interview

Karl Lagerfeld teams up with Swedish glass company, Orrefors, to create a collection of glassware consisting of crystal bowls, vases, several kinds of glasses, KL monogrammed glass coasters.

Favorite quotes:

“There is a quality in the glass you cannot get for free”
“I hate drinking my diet Coke in heavy glasses, cheap glasses”
“A plastic cup should not be in your home”

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