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Ask Me Vol. 17 – Back, 307 Days Later

Hey Austin – What? No recent postings? Miss you man. -Karlos

Last summer, I moved to Shanghai, China.  It’s taken me time to adjust, but I am finally quite settled.  I’ll be posting more in coming weeks. Sorry for the hiatus : (

A short but good interview page 217. Hope things are well! – E
Ha. Thanks a lot, E.  You have always been very supportive.

I’ve been slowly replacing my wardrobe with quality pieces. I started first with my dress-wear, and now I’m focusing on my casual wear. I’m looking now for the ultimate t-shirt. I am familiar with brands like Sacai that make fantastic, but pricey tees, and I have a few TB tees, but I could not imagine spending 200 or so dollars on a load of them. So, now that you can see my taste, what designers make unique quality tees that are somewhere around a hundred dollars? – Basil
Honestly, I would not buy a basic t-shirt that costs more than $100. Most of my t-shirts are from Uniqlo and they do the trick. The collar withstands a lot of wear and they are cheap enough to throw out after a few wears.

How will the classic Thom Browne grey cardigan fit ? will a size 2 fit S or M ? i am 64kg 180cm. thinking which will fit – Will
This all depends on the season of the sweater. Current season ones (which are made in Scotland) tend to run extremely small and I would recommend a size 3 or even 4. If you want something older (which are either made in Great Britain or Italy) try going for a medium.

Hi. I am buying a pair of shoes for my husband’s bday. I saw your Alden shoes. i am debating about the plain toe versus plain toe blucher (both plaza last). Any thoughts on either one? They are within my budget before going to John Lobb (gorgeous but way out of my budget). Are these Aldens nice enough for work?- Blanche
I think you are referring to the plain toe blucher and the plain toe derby. I have a plain toe blucher and I would recommend them as they are extremely versatile and you can dress them up or down.  Your husband will be able to wear them at work.

Alden Plaintoe Bluchers Ask Me Vol. 17   Back, 307 Days Later

Hi Austin! I am interested in purchasing a Thom Browne brogues boots. Can you please enlighten me on the quality and where is it made from? Thanks – Daniel
Thom Browne has used two types of shoe manufactures, Tricker’s and Sanders. They first started using Tricker’s (possibly the most durable shoes on the market) but changed over to Sanders in Spring/Summer 2010. I am not particularly found of Sanders, but they do the trick. Sidenote: Sanders makes Mark McNairy shoes as well.

You gonna post Balmain SS14? You had the best FW13 Photos! – Nick T.
Didn’t make it out to Paris this summer, so no. Sorry.

Where can I see a cream double breasted jacket in Dublin? Size 42?? – Ciaran C.
I honestly do not know. I am sure Dublin has a premier department store that carries all the big names. You can maybe try finding something there.

Is it ok to wear tassel loafers with shorts or are cuffed up chinos the shortest one can go ? – Michael
It is perfectly fine, as long as you are comfortable wearing them. Some of my pants are 3 inches above my ankles making them extremely short. I do not think I am the right person to ask when it comes to pants length. Wear what feels good to you.

Great Blog, keep up the good work! Quick question, I’m in the market for some new relatively inexpensive sneakers, and I was wondering if there were any you would recommend? I’ve previously stuck with white Purcells and maybe some clean adidas. Anything I should check out? I don’t really like vans. Thanks! – Anon
I am assuming you want something a bit more classic than a Nike running sneaker (Flyknit, Lunarglide, etc.). Try a vintage German Army trainer, you can get them in a lot of surplus and vintage stores. Also there are tons on eBay.

Do you think you could provide a bio as a sticky or a primary page on your website? It would be nice to know about who you are, what you do, and, in particular, how you pick you style. Also, do you get any of your items tailored? – John
Thanks for the suggestion; you can always visit my Instagram if you want to see some personal images. And yes, I get everything tailored.

Have you seen “The Great Gatsby”? What did you think of the menswear in the movie? Have you seen the Brooks Brothers collection? What did you think of it? – Jakob
I saw the movie and thought the clothes wear a good reflection of the times. Even though they are a bit exaggerated, I liked it nonetheless. I have very mixed feelings with regards to the Brooks Brothers collection.  Some of the pieces are quite pronounced and it takes a special type of person to wear it.

Is Cucinelli cashmere high quality even if it comes from China and Mongolia? – Eric
China and Mongolia both have very high quality cashmere. The quality of the cashmere really depends on how you spin and treat it.  Yes you can use the underbelly of the goat for a softer hand but pilling and durability are determined by the spinning.

Nice photo of you on GQ icon wink Ask Me Vol. 17   Back, 307 Days Later – Thomas
Thanks a lot. Happy to finally have a photo with Lance and Restivo.

Austin Wong Lance Jubel Alex Restivo Pitti Tommy Ton Ask Me Vol. 17   Back, 307 Days Later

I am sure this has been asked before but… If I am a slim 38, what size Thom Browne suit should I be getting? Also, how would you compare the fit versus a Band of Outsiders blazer? Thanks. – Paul
I would get a size 1. Band of Outsiders runs extremely small. Go a size up if you are thinking about purchasing BoO.

Would you happen to know who makes the Ralph Lauren “Made in America” shoes? – John
Allen Edmonds for Ralph Lauren Polo Made in America. Crockett and Jones for Ralph Lauren Polo Made in England. Edward Green for Ralph Lauren Purple Label Made in England. Silvano Sassetti for Ralph Lauren Purple Label Made in Italy.

Hi, I’m big fan of you and i always watch what you wear and how you wear. What i want to know is your measurements, and what size does you wear Thom Browne. It’s really great thankful if you let me know that. Always good luck with you. – Kun K.
I have been asked this a lot.  Maybe should make a little page that gives all my measurements, ha. I wear size 0 and 8UK for shoes. Thank you for the kind note.

Please tell me no one has coined this yet. American peacock swag slang term for dad jeans: Papa Jawnz. If it hasn’t, please give me credit when you tell someone like Lawrence. – Eresto
Haha. vvv clever.

Obama Dad Jeans  Ask Me Vol. 17   Back, 307 Days Later

Hi Austin, I love your blog. Anyways, I know you have many Thom Browne pieces. How is fit on shoes? I have wide feet and it goes only size 12. Do they go any higher? Thank you. – Ciel
If they have your size, you should be absolutely fine. All Thom Browne shoes run extremely wide.

Hey! Love your blog. I am trying to find some shoes that I saw a celebrity you may recognise wearing. I think they are boat shoes but they look like moccasins (!?). Please help!  - Joel L.
Kanye is wearing Visvim FBTs.  If anyone else is interested, thats a Balmain hoody and I assuming the pants are Balmain as well.  Not sure about the t-shirt, looks like American Apparel.

pregnant kim kardashian kanye west reunite in nyc 01 Ask Me Vol. 17   Back, 307 Days Later

Do you know much about the quality of Aldo shoes? Also, where do you research your information for the quality of clothing? – Ethan
I have no experience with Aldo shoes. If you want something decent for about the same price I recommend the ASOS made in England line.

I’m looking for a lightweight summer jumper that makes me stand out from the crowd. Because it’s a jumper, which I might not be able to wear if it’s too sunny, I’d only like to spend around 80 max. Cheers, looking forward to your suggestions (if you have time), – Matt
By jumper, I am assuming you mean sweatshirt. I have been taking a liking to the Todd Snyder x Champion sweatshirts and more specifically the ones the with pocket.  They are a bit over your budget, but I highly recommend them.

How should suit trousers fit? I’m thinking especially around the thighs. Should they be as slim as my chinos or a little bit wider? I’m wondering whether I should have my tailor take in the thigh on my windowpane charcoal suit. – Jakob
Usually my cotton pants are a lot slimmer than my wool pants. I make them extremely tight but they tend to mold to my body after a handful of wears.  As for wool pants, it really depends on the type of wool.  Flannel tends to stretch out and I make them a bit tighter than a middle weight wool.  The problem with making flannel pants tighter is that the knee bulges become more visible.  Bear in mind than you may split the thigh seams if they are too tight.

I’m an amateur tailor and I’ve been studying clothing construction as I take apart store-bought clothes and sew my own. You occasionally make remarks about the quality construction of clothing. Where did you learn about what makes high quality construction in terms of fabric, sewing techniques, and patterns? – Joshua
I have always been interested in clothing and I also took apart clothes and put them back together. Its just a general interest of mine and through the years I developed an understanding for quality garments. I guess I taught myself.

Not to be offensive, but you’re a pretty small guy, right? I am 170 cm and usually have big problems finding jackets that fit right off the rack, especially when it comes to sleeve and body length. Do you usually just get these parts tailored, or do you buy brands that offer garments with a shorter overall length? – Sebastian
I am about 5’10” (177cm) and I usually have everything done (taper shorten body and sleeves).  Its a bit difficult for me to buy clothes off the rack as my shoulders are wide and I am quite slight.  The shortest jackets on the market are Thom Browne.  Their jackets should fit you like a normal jacket.

Hi, I have a wedding at cancun in July & i don’t wanna wear the typical beige-khaki suit, I want something different, chic & fun, can u help me? email me at – Enrique
Khaki is not the most comfortable summer fabric. Try something in tropical wool or seersucker. I think you would be quite found of seersucker.

Was wondering what pants you consider to be essentials? what kind of denim/chinos generally ‘go together’ with everything? and could you also please suggest a pair of sneakers that generally looks good with anything too? thanks much love – Khenrub
Cargopants. I have cargopants in all types of fabrics. My most “go-to” pants are from Michael Bastian x Gant. They are extremely slim (off the rack) and I use to wear them everyday and through the years have developed quite a “patina”. As for the sneakers,  I have a “dressy” sneaker is from Lanvin, a navy low top. You should maybe check those out or go with the Common Projects Achilles low in either white or navy.

Hi, I have recently stumbled upon your blog through an article I read on Google search. For the past 3 years in high school I have leaned towards dressing (for lack of a better word) an adult. Recently (past year) I really want to dress business attire. I am wondering where you would point a first time suit buyer. Looking to spend under 600 on a suit in gray (unsure whether 2 or 3 piece.) I’ve been told to look at Brooks Brothers Black Fleece line. Furthermore, I would like to know terms that I should know when buying a suit so I don’t sound silly at the store. I would like to purchase a suit that is tight to my body, similar to Japanese style. I am 5’11″ 150 pounds, normally size medium. – Chris T
Brooks Brothers Black Fleece is a good choice. Its quite a unique suit based off the “sack jacket”.  The sack jacket was developed by Brooks Brothers to fit all body types.  There were no darts in the front and was suppose to fit a little bigger.  Don’t let that discourage you. You can tailor it down to fit snug and it looks great as the front is extremely clean. I am sure you have most of the basic terms covered, single breasted, double-breasted, canvas and hand (the feel of the fabric). I think you will be fine in that area. Word of advice, don’t let the salesperson make you buy a size or anything you don’t want. You are most likely a size 1.

How do you know Gabriel Zeller? – Hermes
Same place I meet all my friends: Casual encounters, Craigslist.


Ask Me Vol. 16 – ASOS Shoes, Sneakers with Suits and Find the Perfect Raincoat

I apologize if I do not answer these questions fast enough. You can always send me a Tweet, or Facebook message if you need something answered quickly.

Hi again! Thanks for the answer to my previous question – it was really helpful I am currently on the look for a few new pieces to use this summer – do you have any tips regarding what I should be on the look for? Maybe some specific colors? Also I was wondering how you feel about the magazine GQ? I have just recently started to buy it. I’ve noticed they feature a lot of “Loafers”, do you think they are going to be big this summer? PS. I think its really cool that you take the time to answer mine/our questions!! – Nash
During the summer, I usually dress for comfort. It gets very hot in New York and I avoid wearing a jacket outside. I wear gray, blue, khaki, olive and white all summer long. I would pair be a long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up with cargo pants or cotton pants. You should wear whatever you think is comfortable. GQ and the other American men’s fashion magazines have been getting a lot better with their features. These publications are a good basis on what you should have in your wardrobe. Loafers are timeless and people have been wearing them for decades. I cannot really say that they will be “in” this season as they have always been quite popular. I am not a huge loafer fan and I prefer derbys and brogues in the summer.

I’m looking for a versatile pair of sneakers for the spring/summer. Something that can be worn with shorts, but also jeans or with a a suit for a dressed down look. Any recommendations or pictures of outfits that look good with sneakers? – Joe
If you are going to be wearing your sneakers with traditional clothing, I would look into getting a sneaker with a classic silhouette. You do not want to wear sneakers with too many frivolous details with a suit I am sure it can be done, but I would play safe if I were you. P. Johnson, a tailor in Australia, pulls of the suit and sneaker look very well. If you want something sporty, look into New Balance or Nike. If you want something more high-end, try Lanvin or the Margiela German army trainer. Like I said, you should keep it classic if you are going to pair your sneakers with traditional clothes.

P Johnson Suit and Sneakers New Balance Ask Me Vol. 16   ASOS Shoes, Sneakers with Suits and Find the Perfect Raincoat

I’m 5’7″ with an athletic build. Despite being relatively short I have disproportional long legs. Any tips to help conceal this problem and make me appear taller?
I answered this in the last “Ask Me“. Wear high-rise pants.

My friend gave me this really old Armani jacket that he said was brought over from Italy by his dad’s friend I would like to find out if its real any advice on how i should go about doing that? – Cameron
I am not an expert when it comes to variant Armani clothes. I am sure there are guides on the internet that explain how to authenticate an Armani Jacket. If that doesn’t work, you can ask a store which carries Armani to help you verify the jacket.

Hey. I’m a Londoner and Spring/Summer presents a problem to me. Often I leave the house in a pair of shorts and t-shirt, with the sun beaming down, but then come home battling against gale force winds, torrents of rain, snow etc. Or I leave, wrapped up for winter, only to suffocate in the heat later on. I think it’s probably a good idea to buy a light jacket/rain-coat, but I have been struggling to find the right one. Should I be going for a bright block color (eg. yellow), a pattern…? Since I’ll have to wear it with a wide range of clothes, what design/make should I be looking for? Do you have one in particular which has served you well, rain or shine, over the years? Thanks! – Mike
When buying your raincoat you need to keep in mind what elements bother you the most. Shorter raincoats are good for strong winds but do not protect your legs from the rain. They give you more mobility and you do not need to worry about your coat flying all over the place. Longer raincoats will protect your legs, but can be a nuisance in stronger winds. The raincoat best for you, will have to be long with closure that extend all the way to the bottom of the coat. The fabric will have to be impenetrable to rain and wind. I recommend something either mackintosh or waxed cotton in a solid color; preferably navy or gray. These colors will go with anything. I have a number of raincoats but I constantly wear only two of them. The first is a black waxed canvas raincoat with a removable down filled liner that has serviced me through the harshest of elements. This coat is almost perfect but their is one problem; the coat is black. Black is way too severe for a full length raincoat and there are only a handful of options that will work with this coat.  The second raincoat is a gray mackintosh safari jacket. I always wear this jacket when the rain is not too strong. I do not have much experience in London and I am guessing that their is a ton of humidity in the air.

Moncler Gamme Bleu Waxed Cotton Raincoat Ask Me Vol. 16   ASOS Shoes, Sneakers with Suits and Find the Perfect Raincoat

Why does it seem like you’re always with Gabriel Zeller? Are you guys like really good friends or did you just make a contract that you would always walk with each other to compliments each other’s looks? – Ernesto
We are good friends and we like the same things. So, I guess we compliment each other.

Can short guys still be considered fashionable/stylish or are they simply brushed off like nothing ? – JD
Any body type can be considered “fashionable/stylish” and it does not matter on how you look.  I believe, people who have different statures look even more “fashionable/stylish”. When a person of a shorter height has knowledge of fit, they often have their clothes perfectly tailored to them. Proper tailoring will always look better than something off the rack. Many people who are a standard size do not bring their clothing to a tailor and often disregard slight imperfections.  Those imperfections are noticeable to an educated eye and thus making them less “fashionable/stylish”.  If you do some research, I think you would be surprised on how tall some of the “menswear street style gods” are.

Thoughts on ASOS? Saw you instagrammed a pic and was a little surprised given your usual penchant for quality over everything. – Xiaoping
ASOS suiting is good if you are looking for fast fashion.  Many of their pieces contain high amounts of synthetics materials and the construction is not worth mentioning. The shoes on the other hand, are extremely impressive. ASOS has a Made in England line which is all produced in Northampton. The materials are fairly good and everything is goodyear welted making them easy to resole. You can find them on ASOS for about one hundred dollars on sale. They are some of the best entry level English shoes I have ever encountered.
ASOS Double Monk Shoe Made in England Ask Me Vol. 16   ASOS Shoes, Sneakers with Suits and Find the Perfect Raincoat

Why do u hunch over when taking pictures? I’ve noticed several photographs of you with your shoulders forward. You should try to stand with your shoulders back; it appears much more self-assured. – Dave.
Thanks for the advice. I know I have bad posture and will keep that in mind.

I was wondering if you have ever seen the blazer on the left, (the red plaid with blue stripes). I am really desperately looking for something similar and I cannot find where to find something like that. – Vasil B
That fabric is quite unique and I honestly have no idea where you can buy a jacket like that off the rack. If you really want the jacket, I suggest you have it made (made to measure or bespoke).  The only company I can think of that will offer such a fabric would be Isaia.
StreetFSN Nam HB Pitti Uomo Ask Me Vol. 16   ASOS Shoes, Sneakers with Suits and Find the Perfect Raincoat

Just wondering… Does Balmain make samples or are there frequently Balmain replicas? I recently bought a Balmain cable knit merino sweater off eBay (yea i know.. but ebay sometimes does the trick for me), but I’m starting to think it’s fake. Lo’ and behold I found a Balmain cable knit on ioffer (i usually assume these products are fake) and it looks more like mine than pictures of the Balmain cable knit on Google. here is a picture of mine/listing and here is a picture link of the real from a listing - Dan
There are a lot of knockoffs when it comes to Balmain. Most of it comes from Korea. I am not sure if your sweater is authentic. Maybe someone can authenticate this in the comments section?

Saw the Z Zegna photos from NY not too long ago. Without being too offensive how is Adam Gallagher able to stand in the same room as you? His aesthetic is laughable, his credentials as a blogger measly and to be bluntly honest was probably wearing one of Peewee Herman’s clip on bowties at that presentation. Regardless, good to see you stomping shit out at Z Zegna: how did you find their collection? – Jemarcus
Thanks for the note. I was at first reluctant to answer this publicly, but I feel like I should. Mr. Gallagher has his readers and they are people who share the same interests as he does. It is safe to say, that we do not share the same aesthetics and there is nothing wrong with that. There is a reason why you come to Why You Mad?! and there is also a reason why others go to his website. There is no right or wrong. This is the internet and it is one of the most democratic place on earth. We all have a choice on which website we visit.  As for the collection, I liked a lot of the pieces. My favorites were the needle punched jacket and the quilted suit.

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Ask Me Vol. 15 – Shining your Clarks Desert Boots and High Rise Pants

I saw you on Tommy Ton Street Style wearing a green vest and an awesome turtleneck. Where was it from? – Jakob
Thanks a lot.  The turtleneck and sunglasses are from Thom Browne, the green down vest was from Ralph Lauren Black Label and the backpack was vintage.

Austin Wong GQ New York Fashion Week Tommy Ton Ask Me Vol. 15   Shining your Clarks Desert Boots and High Rise Pants

I have a tweed jacket and I’m looking for a waistcoat to wear with it. Does the waistcoat have to have the exact same color and pattern as the jacket or do you think it can be a different color ? The jacket is tan-colored. – Micheal
The waistcoat does not need to be the exact color of the jacket, but I believe that it should be the same type of material. If you find a vest that is the exact fabric of your jacket, I would purchase it.   Usually, manufacturers do not make a matching vest to their suits and pants.

I am 5’6 and have pretty strong and short legs. Cuffing my pants seemed to make my legs look shorter and even bulkier than I want them to be. Since then, I have been trying to find pants that will give the illusion of longer, slender limbs. What pants do you suggest I buy to give off that illusion? – Daniel
The secret is high-rise pants. I have noticed I look taller in pictures when wearing pants with a higher rise. Try to hem the pants without a break, don’t make them too short but short enough so that the fabric does not stack at the bottom.  Also, try to find pants that are a little baggy so that you have enough fabric to taper them comfortably.  You don’t want pants that are too tight.  With regards to the cuff, I personally think you need to end the pants somewhere and recommend you to keep the cuff.

Hi, I think about investing in a Thom Browne suit but am unsure about the sizing. Do you usually try out different TB sizes before buying? Have you experienced different fits for different suit fabrics? Do you (need to) have your TB suits or jackets tailored? Thanks and congrats on the nice blog! – Karl
I have been buying Thom Browne suits for a very long time and am a size 0. The sizing is nearly identical every season and I have not experienced much change since the production moved to Japan. My body type gives me some flexibility when buying clothes as I am quite slight and have large shoulders. The size 0 is usually a tad small on my shoulders but the body fits me rather fine and I would usually wear it as is.  I can wear a size 1 and get away with it due to my shoulders, but I would need to take in the rest of the body.

Hi, I’m a college student and my friend’s having a dinner next week. I don’t know what to wear but I’ve an Aztec pocket button down shirt, some stripe shirts, black pants, khaki and black jeans, a pea coat and one brown moccasins. I just want something simple and classy. Thanks – Toby
To be honest, you do not have that many options and I would wear an outfit you are comfortable in. If I were you, I would wear the Aztec shirt, khakis and moccasins. If you are living somewhere were its cold, put on the peacoat. The one thing that makes me cringe is seeing people wearing one layer in the dead of winter. I really have no idea why you would do such a thing.

Over the past year I have learned a lot about personal branding, and have thus become much more conscious of what I wear. A few basic things like buying fitted clothes and becoming more willing to spend money for quality have done wonders for me. But now I’m not sure what’s the best way to improve my basic and limited knowledge of fashion. There are so many brands and blogs out there that I don’t know how I can possible keep up. Any advice on where to go from here? – Lukas
I am glad that you are starting to buy better clothing.  Like anything else, developing your personal style and wardrobe takes practice.  Experiment with pieces that you like and figure out what looks good together.  As I said before, you can look through stores and conduct further research with the brands and pieces you like.

Thinking about picking up one of the classic Black Fleece suits in the standard grey (just dropped the 2013 Spring on their website), I’m just a bit nervous as they are a sack/non-darted suit. I know they’re fully canvassed, but won’t that make it difficult to add darts if I choose to do so? I’m 5’6″ and like 130 lbs, so I’d definitely be a BB0, but I may need some waist suppression. This blog is an absolute god-send by the way, definitely turned me toward some great looks already, keep it up man! – Gregory
Adding darts to a suit is tough job and I do not recommend it. The suit was produced without darts for a reason and adding darts could mess up the whole proportion of the jacket.  I hardly even noticed the lack of darts when I first started buying Black Fleece. Try and get comfortable with the jacket, it is not as boxy as it looks and with proper tailoring it can fit phenomenally.

Recently I started to wear t-shirts with blazers for my ‘street’ outfit (I normally prefer to dress quite classic). The only problem is that living in UK is quite difficult to wear this outfit without a ‘jacket/coat’ above. And here’s the problem: all my coats, even the ‘cheaper’ ones, look often far too classic. Advice? icon smile Ask Me Vol. 15   Shining your Clarks Desert Boots and High Rise Pants – Alessandro 
I do not think the jacket and tee-shirt thing can look great with traditional jackets. Personally, most of my more traditional clothing is a bit roomier.  T-shirts are generally very light and do not have full length sleeves.  This will create more space between your arm and your jacket; making the jacket look bigger that it actually is. You should look into taking in some of your more casual jackets (especially the sleeves) or investing in a “weekend” wardrobe.

I’m looking for a pair of affordable all weather shoes for everyday wear. I have a pair of sneakers, and dress shoes, and I’m looking for something in between, but still fairly casual. Since I live up North, something in leather would be great. If you have any suggestions, or could even recommend a style, I’d appreciate it. Great blog. – Nick
I think the best choice would be a brown wingtip with a rubber sole. I wingtip is a fairly casual shoe and it will look great in a variety of outfits. Dress it up with a suit or down with jeans.

Love the blog. I was wondering if you could help me out. I like the style of Clarks Desert Boots, I’m just worried that they look a little flimsy. Are there any quality alternatives? Is it not worth the price? Would a cheaper shoe be just as good and just as stylish? Here is the link to the Amazon listing. Do you recommend other stores? – Charley
It is hard to find quality shoes at the $100 price-point. Clarks are the entry-level desert boot and it is almost impossible to find a cheaper version. If you want a quality pair of chukka or desert boots, I would get some from Alden.  I have a cordovan chukka that is on its second resole and it still looks great. If you are really deadset on the Clarks, try and experiment with the color and texture. I only see untreated Clarks and I think they would look great with a shine.

Clarks Desert Boot Ask Me Vol. 15   Shining your Clarks Desert Boots and High Rise Pants

Hi! Gotta say I really enjoy your blog! Been looking for a men’s fashion blog for a long time, before I found yours! I am currently in New York, and I am looking for a nice coat – I have been looking at one from Burberry Brit, but I want to be sure if I am going to use that amount of money. So I thought, who better to ask, then you? What om looking for is sort of like this, but I am open for options of course! I am only in New York for a couple of days now, so I really hope you can get back to me! – Sindre
I would get it if I were you. Not many people make leather trench coats these days. If you really want something special, I would hunt down a WWII German Leather Officer Coat and get it altered. I have been looking for the right one for years but never seem to find one in good condition or in the right size. I hope that helps.

Hey Austin, nice blog and style you got there ! I myself starting to wear Thom Browne, brooks brothers and more formal wear these days, tucking my shirt etc. But since Im living between Indonesia and Australia, sometimes the heat is too much to wear shirt & outwear (even its a light jacket or some sort), while on the other hand if I tucked my shirt, I prefer to combine it with outerwear. So just want to know your suggestion for daily wear during summer since I noticed that NY can be pretty hot these days as well. Thanks ! Keep up the good work .. – Mark
A few years ago, I lived in Singapore and found it very hard to wear a jacket in such a climate. During the summers in New York, I dress very casually and tend to only wear a shirt with shorts, cargo pants or khakis. I always tuck in the shirt and roll up the sleeves. I like the pants to be made out of cotton because they look better than wool pants without a jacket. If the occasion arises, I would wear a very light suit and often a shorts suit.

You used to live in Singapore! I would love to know what you like about Singapore. We need more tourists here. – Singaporean
Yes, for a few years. I really like the food there.  Back in the day, I ate a lot of chicken rice.  Singapore has plenty of tourists. icon smile Ask Me Vol. 15   Shining your Clarks Desert Boots and High Rise Pants

Hi! I found your blog very recently, and I must say I have visited it quite a lot since. I saw that you used to sell those alligator elbow patches, but I am not able to find a site where I can order them?  I am going to New York in a couple of weeks – is there anywhere I can buy them there?  If you have any tips for “must visit” stores, I would really appreciate it!  Great blog, keep it up! – Nash
The elbow patches sold out quite quickly and there is a chance I will make more of them.  I do not think you can find crocodile elbow patches anywhere else.  Check out Bergdorf Goodman, Barney’s and the Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, there are some of my favorite stores in New York.

Hi! Im a big fan! What size do you wear in that Moncler Gamma Bleu padded blazer? – Jate
Thanks a lot. I wear a size 0.

let me first say i love how you dress! my question is…I am trying to purchase Thom Browne cashmere cardigan from official website (since i live in LA, no store around me that sells TBs), and was wondering if you can help me with getting right size. I am 6’1″ about 180lbs, not too slim but not definitely thick..thanks in advance! – Young
There are two stores in Los Angeles that I know carry Thom Browne, Barneys and Union.  I would check out these stores first and if they do not have the cardigan you are looking for, I would purchase it online in a size 2 or 3.