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Bureau of Trade Interview

Thank you Michael Moskowitz, for conducting this interview. As I said before, I will be doing an ongoing series with Bureau of Trade. Included in the interview are my personal product picks for the theme this week, The Sporting Life. You can view the full interview here.

Austin Wong Bureau of trade interview Bureau of Trade Interview


Bureau of Trade x Why You Mad?!

I am proud to announce the collaboration between Bureau of Trade and Why You Mad?!

I will be curating a collection of items for Bureau of Trade. Each collection will be based around a theme and available for purchase online. The first collection will be published next week.

20130405 112453 Bureau of Trade x Why You Mad?!

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GQ Taiwan March 2013

I was part of an article for GQ Taiwan and answered a few questions. Here is the translated version. Enjoy.

GQ Taiwan Interview Austin Wong Richard Haines GQ Taiwan March 2013

Can you please tell us the reasons why you start your blog?
I have always had an interest in clothing, even at a very young age. It is safe to say that I became serious about it when I started collecting sneakers. From sneakers, I moved on to street-wear and eventually, to a fascination with more high-end clothing. For a number of years, I really loved what Hedi Slimane did at Dior and acquired a few suits from them; and this was actually the precursor for my interest in tailoring.

From that point, I began to read various mens clothing forums to further educate myself on the process involved in creating a fine traditionally tailored garment or suit. I have had the good fortune of wearing suits from different makers and in doing so, I have sampled some of the finest tailoring currently available to the ready to wear market.

In sum, I sincerely wanted people to know what truly good clothes are and their availability. In all candor, I believe I was about three years late in starting my blog and wished I started it sooner.

What are your tips for keeping a successful blog?
I am the last person to ask because I have been quite eclectic in the selecting topics to write about in Why You Mad?! I sometimes would go for weeks without posting. I would say that the best thing you can do for your blog is to publish quality content about subjects which represent quality and fine workmanship. It is always great to get an exclusive with whomever you are featuring and I recommend going the extra mile and visiting the showrooms instead of just attending the fashion shows. You really get a far better idea of what the garments are like if you are able to feel and try on a piece of clothing. I think many bloggers lose sight of that and, at the end of the day, fashion and menswear is about the actual clothing and not just about the glamor of the runway.

What is the most exciting or memorable thing has happened to you related to your blog?
Honestly, everything. I did not expect much when it came to blogging and was content with being recognized as a knowledgeable person in fashion. I still cannot believe that such world renown companies such Dolce and Gabbana would buy me a meal. Really, I was not expecting anything and now, I find myself gettingĀ nice fashion show invites from around the world and random people saying hi to me on the street. I am pretty awkward when that happens and I am sorry if I come off as rude but I really have no idea what to say to you, but thank you forĀ reading my blog. This whole blogging thing still boggles my mind. I am not a publishing house like Conde Nast or a buyer for a department store. I am just some guy in New York sitting in front of a computer.

GQ Taiwan March 2013 GQ Taiwan March 2013

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