Wishlist: April – Spring Sweaters

I am usually found in a coat and tie but, sometimes I like to dress down with only a sweater during spring. Sweaters usually give the wearer a bit more comfort than the traditional jacket. You gain more maneuverability and feel less restricted in a sweater.  The only problem I have is that I lose the jacket pockets.  I am one of those people that carry around a lot of items and would have to wear cargo pants to replace the lack of pockets.  Here are some sweaters I want from the spring collections.

Dior Homme Double Breasted Knit Cardigan Wishlist: April – Spring Sweaters

Dior Homme Double Breasted Knit Cardigan – Dior Homme has a great navy 6×2 double breasted cardigan this season. I do not see many double breasted knit cardigans and I am surprised Dior Homme is offering one this season. The fabric composition is 70% wool and 30% silk and it has a very nice hand. Even though this cardigan is presented without a jacket I would recommend wearing one; I find it a bit off without it.


Boglioli Cotton Maxi Ribbed Knit Cardigan – Whenever I think of Boglioli, I think of their over-dyed cotton and wool jackets. Their items are usually on the casual side and recently they have been offering other items instead of traditional tailoring. This sweater reflects their casual aesthetic and can easily replace the usual blazer.


Thom Browne Woven Check Whale Cashmere Sweater – I have a lot of Thom Browne sweaters and I wear them quite frequently. Being very slight, they fit me perfectly. I usually wear a size 1 and the size 0 is too tight in the shoulders. When the sweater is too tight in the shoulders, the neck opening is often distorted causing very unsightly pulls.  This sweater has a steep price point and the main reason os because of the whale intarisa. The center whale is created by changing to different color yarns as its being knit. The motif and the whale are a single piece without seams.  This process is very tedious and at times can be very complicated.  (PS: The whale shorts are amazing)

Jil Sander Color Block Cardigan Wishlist: April – Spring Sweaters

Jil Sander Wool Tricot Cardigan – A lot of you have been asking for color blocked pieces and I really like this cardigan from Jil Sander. The color blocking is done in a very “Mondrian-esque” way and I think this would be a fun piece to pair with a navy suit. The shirt shown under the cardigan is also very interesting as it is a wool tricot t-shirt. I have a cashmere tee shirt from Lucien Pellat Finet and I wear it as though it was a crewneck sweater.

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA Dyed Hem blue cottom crewneck sweater Wishlist: April – Spring Sweaters

Maison Martin Margiela Dyed Hem Cotton Jumper – I am not the biggest fan of Margiela and was not very happy with their collaboration with H&M. However, this cotton jumper is one of the ultimate spring sweaters. The colors are all very light and I really like the details on the hems. Usually, manufactures would dip dye the garment to achieve the effect and Margiela instead opted to spray the hems with dye.

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