The Indochino Double Breasted Suit

Indochino Double Breasted Gray Suit The Indochino Double Breasted Suit(Indochino Double Breasted Charleston Suit, Thom Browne shirt, Brunello Cucinelli tie and pocket sqaure, Alden longwing shoes)

I am truly pleased with the double breasted Indochino suit. I was not expecting such a well fitting suit and was extremely impressed with the quality. Indochino fulfilled all of my request by shortening the jacket, adding the ticket pocket, functioning sleeve buttons and two inch cuffs with no break. I highly recommend Indochino if you are looking for fitting entry level suit.

Indochino Double Breast Gray Suit Brunello Cucinelli The Indochino Double Breasted Suit

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  • Bronello_Cucinelli

    Looks great. Did you have the trousers slimmed by a tailor after receiving the suit?

  • Guest

    Wow, the double button is a beautiful detail – ain’t your trouser a bit short, or it’s the effect of your hands in your pockets?

  • Moe

    The shoulder padding looks like a gargoyle should be perching on top. That may be more a trick from having your hands in your pockets.

  • Matteo

    Where is it made? Thanx

  • super wesman

    that suit does not fit well – check out the “dents” on the top of the shoulders and the tops of his arms – it’s also way to0 trim where it’s buttoned, but I guess that’s the style now (jackets that look like they do on a dress form instead of a human male)

    see here for a diagram that shows some of the areas I’ve identified here…

  • Dwickens5

    sleeves look a little roomy, but dope overall

  • Tripace1

    looks like shit and cheap…sorry. I am surprised you endorse this considering your high standards elsewhere

  • Paul Bentley

    I am a big fan of the DB – I hope it makes a comeback!