Indochino Traveling Tailor: New York City

I have been following Indochino, an “online made-to-measure” tailoring company, for a few years; and have been fascinated with their business model: products, price-points and, most important, customer satisfaction.

Starting from $379, Indochino will craft you a “made to measure” suit: you select the fabric, style and any other personal features of your suit. Not only are their prices unheard of in the realm of custom or “bespoke” suits – but they have a 100% fit guarantee.

In order to ensure this guarantee, Indochino will give you a $75 credit to have the suit altered at your local tailor. If that doesn’t solve the problem of fit, they will make you another suit. This policy is truly unique and downright amazing; and I wish more companies would follow this example.

I have decided to have a suit made from Indochino during their Traveling Tailor event in New York City. If you book your appointment in advance, Indochino will give you a free shirt with any suit purchase. It’s a great deal and I hope you fellows (in New York) check out their event at Grand Central Station.

Indochino Traveling Tailor New York Indochino Traveling Tailor: New York City

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