Wishlist: July – Blue Shirts

For last few days, the heat has turned New York City into a scorching sweat box. I almost never wear jackets in this heat and have been wearing a ton of blue shirts with the sleeves rolled up. It’s way too hot to wear a jacket and anyone who is, is a total masochist. Here are some blue shirts which I have been wanting to purchase for this hot New York summer.

Visvim Juneau Weld Square Shirt Wishlist: July   Blue Shirts

Visvim Juneau Weld Square Light Blue Shirt – I always gravitate towards Visvim’s shirts as they are very unique. This shirt could be a normal oxford shirt but the breast pocket brings it to a whole new level of creativity. The breast pocket is a printed shibori Goretex fabric which is “welded” on to a Egyptian Giza cotton oxford shirt. The “welding” is a process of seam taping, were the rubber tape is heated and adhered to the shirt. Sure, there is no real use for a waterproof pocket on a very soakable shirt, but it looks cool.

Ovadia and Sons Military Shirt Wishlist: July   Blue Shirts

Ovadia & Sons Chambray Military Sportshirt – Military shirts are always great in the summer. You should not be wearing a jacket in ninety degree heat and these shirts substitute the jacket. You may look a bit too militant if you wear this with cargo pants, so stay away from those.

Thom Browne Blue Oxford Shirt Wishlist: July   Blue Shirts

Thom Browne Blue Oxford Shirt – If someone told me that I could only wear one shirt for the rest of my life, it would be the Thom Browne blue oxford. Yes, I have a ton of these, but I need more. I wear this shirt year round and have amassed quite a few of them. It is clean, simple, fits me perfectly and goes with everything.

Levis Vintage Clothing Denim Shirt Wishlist: July   Blue Shirts

Levis Vintage Clothing Sawtooth Washed-Denim Shirt – Like all denim products, they fade and eventually mold to your body. The more you wear this shirt, the better it will look. Alex has a Wrangler denim shirt which is practically falling apart. Even though he may look homeless, it looks pretty cool regardless. The absolute best part of these denim cowboy shirts are the snap buttons. There is nothing like ripping off your shirt at the end of a long sweaty day.

Saturdays Short Sleeve Wave shirt Wishlist: July   Blue Shirts

Saturdays Esquina Short-Sleeved Wave-Print Cotton Shirt – I never really liked short-sleeved shirts. I find them quite useless as they look terrible with jackets and usually have rather large arm openings. Plus, you can always turn a long sleeve shirt into a short sleeve by rolling up the sleeves. However, I am slowly beginning to appreciate short sleeve shirts as they are very comfortable in the summer. I will only wear them in the summer and I love the print on this Saturdays shirt. The pattern reassembles waves and who does not want to be reminded of the beach in the summer?

Ovadia and Sons Glenplaid shirt Wishlist: July   Blue Shirts

Ovadia & Sons Glen Plaid Dress Shirt – You can always use a glen plaid shirt, especially from Ovadia & Sons. They have great collars and are deeply starched to keep their shapes. Some people have trouble when it comes to shirts with patterns and I do not understand the problem. Sure, the shirt is not solid but you can hardly ever notice the pattern. In the summer, you need something to substitute your jacket and the next layer under is your shirt. Change it up sometimes and don’t always stick to the usual solids, explore a little.

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  • http://twitter.com/mat_buckets Matthew P

    blue shirts are my daily uniform, just easy

  • http://twitter.com/FashionMetric FashionMetric.com

    Great picks, I think the second is my top choice. The only one I’m not too crazy about is the short sleeved shirt with the wavy white lines…what would go well with that? Seems hard to match. 

  • wingtipnsa

    My favorite has to be the wavy short sleeve button up. It’s quaint — but unobtrusively so. Since it’s a pattern you don’t see often it possesses some edge. My favorite blue shirt is a whale print button up I bought at Urban for under $50. Image here: http://niceshoesasshole.tumblr.com/

  • http://www.careNfashion.com/ Adil

    Thank Austin Ao-Xiong Wong for the wonderful post. The white and blue are Men’s essentials for summers. The great thing with Blue colour shirts is that it has bundle of variations from the dark blue to navy blue, From navy blue to sky blue, and from the sky blue to jeans blue etc.

     Moreover the colour has great versatility to be worn with formal and casuals. Amazing