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Ask Me Vol. 10 – YOOX’s, Designer Shoe quality and Hair Wax

As a woman from New York, I have to say, I’m happy I stumbled onto your blog. I admire your style, what you have to say, and I like that you show different designers and brands throughout your blog. I was curious to know if you have any idea where I could find large leather backpacks. I’m looking to buy someone who is 6’3″ one, but I can’t seem to find what I have in mind. I was looking for something with a boxy shape, with straps about 2″-3″ inches wide, made from good dark brown leather… or at least something like that. I’ve only managed to find great briefcases and messenger bags. Any shops or designers in mind? – Sharon V
From personal experience, quality leather backpacks are extremely heavy and are not the most functional backpack. They are horrible in the rain, usually very expensive and usually a back breaker. I suggest getting something a bit more versatile and would choose a cotton canvas bag with leather trimmings. Mismo, Filson and Duluth make great rucksacks and all of these will look better in time. If you are really deadset on a leather backpack, I would check out Village Tannery in the West Village. They make great products and if you cannot find something that you like you can always commission a custom one from them.

Jimmy Choo Oxford Shoes Ask Me Vol. 10   YOOXs, Designer Shoe quality and Hair Wax

A while back I purchased a pair of Draycott Oxfords by Jimmy Choo, I was just wondering as a ‘branded’ shoe how they hold up to dedicated shoemakers’ products by brands like Alden, Trickers, John Lobb et cetera. – Marc
“Branded” shoes are not always terrible in quality and sometimes are made by the older shoe houses such as, Trickers, Crockett and Jones and Alden. I have felt and seen the quality of the Jimmy Choo men’s shoe collection and, personally, I am not too impressed. They costs a substantial amount of money and have a horrible “bang for buck” ratio. I can confidently say that the Jimmy Choo Draycott Oxford could be priced at, the absolute most, $500 instead of $795. If you are going to buy traditional shoes, I would go with the companies that having been making shoes for the past hundred years.

Those Visvim moccasins are fucking butt ugly. Did you buy that ugly shit because they are Visvim and you and your pals could circle jerk on them or would you have bought them if the label said Wrangler? Lame. – VisvimWTF
Everyone has their opinion and I do like the Visvim Skynyrd moccasins. A friend gave them to me as a birthday gift a few years ago and the shoes have been sitting in a box ever since then. If I had the option of buying them, they would be the fourth pick after the Virgil, Zermatt and FBT. If Wrangler did produce these shoes, their whole esthetic would be completely different and the company would be one to check out. If your fantasy about Wrangler making these shoes were true, Wrangler would be also producing hand dyed indigo shibori shirts, tape-seamed pocket oxford shirts and Gore-Tex outerwear. In reality, Wrangler does not make Skynyrd Moccasins and their current esthetic is not for me.

You fucking poseur. I knew you would not respond to my question of would you buy your Visvim moccasins if the label read Wrangler instead. Do you have a shred of originality in you? – VisvimWTF
As you may not know, I do not answer these questions as they come in. I am glad you are a frequent visitor.  I hope I answered your question and please address any more concerns to me in the future.

Do you ever get mad? Just curious… – Xiaoping
Everyone tends to get mad at some point. Some choose to show it and some choose to not.

I’m going to be moving to an incredibly cold location for the winter months starting in November for a job. Do you have any suggestions for dealing with extreme cold while not looking like a tool? – D.R.
I honestly love the cold weather and I am very comfortable in the winter. From personal experience, the warmest items are either down filled or shearling. Try to invest in some heavy down coats, maybe something from Moncler. Their jackets are extremely warm and in my opinion the best down on the market. Even though it is expensive, try to get a goose down outerwear piece (not a blazer) from the Gamme Bleu collection. A down filled overcoat keeps me warm in the dead of winter. Another key is to layer properly. Wear a sweater at all times and try to integrate heavy wools and cashmere jackets into your wardrobe. Always try to wear some sort of long underwear, I suggest getting some Uniqlo Heattech products. As horrible as it might sound, it does take some money to look presentable in harsh climates (hot or cold).

Bumble and bumble Sumowax Ask Me Vol. 10   YOOXs, Designer Shoe quality and Hair Wax

What product do you use on your hair? Thanks. – Ryan
Using hair products is a very recent thing for me. Before, I would not care or maintain my hair due to ignorance. I do believe that hair product really helps out in a person’s overall being as it shows some sort of self maintaining. Going back to your question, I have very course and use Bumble and bumble Sumowax. I would recommend it if you are in the need of a very strong wax. You need to heat the wax up with a hairdryer before you apply it on. It’s great stuff.

Does Thom Browne do nose jobs? You should def cop. – Question
If it comes with permanent red, white and blue nose drippings and would cop in a heartbeat.

I have pale/fair skin and freckles and brown hair. I always struggle to know what colour clothing to pick with my skin tone! What do you suggest? – Joe
Honestly, you should look good in almost every color. Sure, certain colors will look better on you, but usually the whole “this color does not work on me” is a psychological doubt. I agree that certain patterns and fabrics look better on different body types, but color should never be an issue. Try giving the colors you hesitate to wear a chance and reexamine how it actually looks on you. If this is not an option, try wearing gray and navy, it looks good on everyone.

Do you know anything about Thomas Pink brand? In particular I was curious if you could comment on their dress shirts. They seem to have the largest selection of various styles/fits I’ve ever seen. Any comments on their quality? – Vladimir
I have no experience with Thomas Pink at all and it is hard for me to comment on this. I have seen their visuals and window displays and do not fancy them very much. If you need shirts in various styles and fits, try Brooks Brothers. They have been making shirts for almost 200 years and come at all different price points.

You’re pretty fashionable. Any tips for night-time dressing? – Kenny C.
I am assuming that you want to attract a mating partner of some sort, or maybe even a group of them. I would try to find a healthy medium between casual and formal. If you are too casual and are just wearing a shirt, jeans and some sneakers, you may look as though you could careless about your lack of attire or you are just plain sloppy. If you are in a full suit, you may look like you are either getting off from work, (which subconsciously could mean, your career takes up most of your life) or you are trying too hard. I would recommend wearing a jacket/blazer/sportscoat of some sort and casual cotton pants that are not jeans. Everyone wears jeans with sportcoats and it usually looks horrible. Wear leather shoes that are not too formal, maybe a pair of brogues. Also, remember to tuck in your shirt and wear a belt. You want to look approachable, but not too approachable and that you put some effort in your outfit for the night.

I have a question I just recently purchased a 3 piece suit by YSL vintage I’m having it cut in to a slimmer cut now the question is what is your take on wearing just the trousers , wasit coat and switching out the blazer for a basic navy? Or should I keep everything with each other Cheers – Vicktor
I think it is a great idea. Personally, I have done it before and was very satisfied with the results. If anything, I would not recommend you wear the vest on its own. I find it a bit off when someone is wearing an odd vest. That is just a personal opinion and would encourage you to do it if you think it looks good.

TheCorner YOOX1 Ask Me Vol. 10   YOOXs, Designer Shoe quality and Hair Wax

I am on an extremely tight budget. Are there any places that you recommend for people like me who cannot afford the $200 Oxford? – Trevor Sorensen
You can always check out discount retailers such as TJ Maxx, Daffy’s and Northstrom Rack. It may take some time but you are bond to find something. I have had tremendous luck at stores like this and you can find absolutely amazing handmade shirts for $30. You also can check YOOX use great deals. YOOX operates another site, which is equivalent to Park & Bond for Gilt, The Corner. They have a great sales section and many of the items are a fraction of the price. If you want to play it safe and do not have much time to spare searching, go to Uniqlo. The best store for inexpensive basics.

Hey Austin, I’m a big fan of your blog and your style is such an inspiration. However, with all due respect, why don’t you change your hairstyle? I feel as if it doesn’t match with what you wear. It makes you look like a kid. – Ken

What’s with the hair? Seems incongruous to your whole look. Hope I’m not being impolite. – Phil
I started using hair products fairly recently ago and I am quite satisfied with the results. A few months ago, I would not care what my hair looked liked and would only cut it monthly. I am not well versed in this category and I am open to suggestions.

What would be your recommendation for plaided and checks shirts ? What are some of the top brands for these types of shirts? How can you mix them casually and formally (with suit and tie ?) – Naj
You do not want to wear a loud plaid jacket with a loud plaid suit. It gets too busy. The most versatile plaids and checks are the smaller ones which are either blue or gray. For patterns which are smaller, one color and more subtle, gingham and windowpane, you can pretty much wear with anything. Louder and more dimensional patterns you will need to wear with solid jackets and suits. If you want to wear a tie I would keep it as simple as possible, solid and white striped. Everyone makes these shirts and my favorite company for them is Brooks Brothers Black Fleece.  I love the fabrics they use.  You need to keep in mind that there may be too much going on.

Was wondering if you were familiar with sizing on Piombo blazers and also the quality of them. Im looking at these two options (1 and 2) from yoox as they are pretty damn cheap right now. I’m wondering if the 36 will fit me. I’m 5’6 ish and to get an idea I wear an xs in anything uniqlo. Thanks for the help as I’m not familiar with Piombo’s sizing. – A.Grafals
We are around the same size and Piombo will be very hard to fit. The amount of tailoring required will be horrible and the cost will be around the same as the jacket. The main issue you will have will be the length of the jacket. It will be too long and will look quite bad even if you were to shorten it. In terms of quality, it is almost the same as, Lardini, L.B.M. 1911 and Boglioli.

I don’t know why I didn’t link the photo of you and Casey.  What is Casey wearing? Also, where are your blue cargo pants from? Thanks. – E
Casey is wearing a Lardini navy cotton jacket, Brooks Brothers Black Fleece tie, Ralph Lauren Black Label shirt, Incotex RED cargopants, Brunello Cucinelli belt and pocket square and Sifr sneaker loafers. I only have one pair of navy cargo pants and they are from Gant by Michael Bastian.

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Wishlist: July – Blue Shirts

For last few days, the heat has turned New York City into a scorching sweat box. I almost never wear jackets in this heat and have been wearing a ton of blue shirts with the sleeves rolled up. It’s way too hot to wear a jacket and anyone who is, is a total masochist. Here are some blue shirts which I have been wanting to purchase for this hot New York summer.

Visvim Juneau Weld Square Shirt Wishlist: July   Blue Shirts

Visvim Juneau Weld Square Light Blue Shirt – I always gravitate towards Visvim’s shirts as they are very unique. This shirt could be a normal oxford shirt but the breast pocket brings it to a whole new level of creativity. The breast pocket is a printed shibori Goretex fabric which is “welded” on to a Egyptian Giza cotton oxford shirt. The “welding” is a process of seam taping, were the rubber tape is heated and adhered to the shirt. Sure, there is no real use for a waterproof pocket on a very soakable shirt, but it looks cool.

Ovadia and Sons Military Shirt Wishlist: July   Blue Shirts

Ovadia & Sons Chambray Military Sportshirt – Military shirts are always great in the summer. You should not be wearing a jacket in ninety degree heat and these shirts substitute the jacket. You may look a bit too militant if you wear this with cargo pants, so stay away from those.

Thom Browne Blue Oxford Shirt Wishlist: July   Blue Shirts

Thom Browne Blue Oxford Shirt – If someone told me that I could only wear one shirt for the rest of my life, it would be the Thom Browne blue oxford. Yes, I have a ton of these, but I need more. I wear this shirt year round and have amassed quite a few of them. It is clean, simple, fits me perfectly and goes with everything.

Levis Vintage Clothing Denim Shirt Wishlist: July   Blue Shirts

Levis Vintage Clothing Sawtooth Washed-Denim Shirt – Like all denim products, they fade and eventually mold to your body. The more you wear this shirt, the better it will look. Alex has a Wrangler denim shirt which is practically falling apart. Even though he may look homeless, it looks pretty cool regardless. The absolute best part of these denim cowboy shirts are the snap buttons. There is nothing like ripping off your shirt at the end of a long sweaty day.

Saturdays Short Sleeve Wave shirt Wishlist: July   Blue Shirts

Saturdays Esquina Short-Sleeved Wave-Print Cotton Shirt – I never really liked short-sleeved shirts. I find them quite useless as they look terrible with jackets and usually have rather large arm openings. Plus, you can always turn a long sleeve shirt into a short sleeve by rolling up the sleeves. However, I am slowly beginning to appreciate short sleeve shirts as they are very comfortable in the summer. I will only wear them in the summer and I love the print on this Saturdays shirt. The pattern reassembles waves and who does not want to be reminded of the beach in the summer?

Ovadia and Sons Glenplaid shirt Wishlist: July   Blue Shirts

Ovadia & Sons Glen Plaid Dress Shirt – You can always use a glen plaid shirt, especially from Ovadia & Sons. They have great collars and are deeply starched to keep their shapes. Some people have trouble when it comes to shirts with patterns and I do not understand the problem. Sure, the shirt is not solid but you can hardly ever notice the pattern. In the summer, you need something to substitute your jacket and the next layer under is your shirt. Change it up sometimes and don’t always stick to the usual solids, explore a little.


What I Wore in Europe – shot by Tommy Ton

 What I Wore in Europe   shot by Tommy Ton(Left: Casey Fussner, Incotex Chinolino trousers, Sifr slipper sneakers, Right: Austin Wong, Brooks Brothers Black Fleece seersucker pants, Visvim Skynyrd double ring moccasin)

 What I Wore in Europe   shot by Tommy Ton(Brooks Brothers Black Fleece spread collar shirt, Thom Browne singlet, Ralph Lauren Purple Label keyhole sunglasses)

 What I Wore in Europe   shot by Tommy Ton

(Brooks Brothers Black Fleece seersucker jacket and white oxford shirt, Brunello Cucinelli belt and pocket square, Gant by Michael Bastian cargopants)

 What I Wore in Europe   shot by Tommy Ton(Thom Browne sunglasses, paisley jacket and gray houdstooth shirt)