Ask Me Vol. 7 – Contrasting Blazers, Blue Oxfords and A.P.C. Denim

You may get this question a lot, but I’m a true beginner in the world of fashion. Smart enough to bring women along with me when I do shop (1x a year), but nowhere near self-sufficient. After losing ~45lbs, a trip to the tailor was needed. Wearing clothes that actually fit me resulted in compliments & detail-awareness . Want to keep it that way! So how does a beginner get started? Besides your blog, what are the best places to start + obtain essential pieces every guy should own (what are they)? I live in San Francisco, if you know any local “can’t miss” corners. – Howard
You should always start with two suits, a navy one and a gray one. You can get four outfits out of them and are essential to any man’s wardrobe. Try to get some solid blue oxfords and white oxfords. Blue oxford shirts are great as they go with pretty much everything. As for style inspiration and other blogs you can check out, you can look through some of the links on the side. A friend of mine, Jake, does a great tumblr which focuses on traditional menswear. It is beautifully curated and I visit it daily. You should check it out to form a solid foundation.

Is two inch cuffs effeminate to do so on some trousers? – Wes
No, I do not think that having two inch cuffs are effeminate on any trousers. Maybe if the pants were booty shorts or skin tight and hot pink, then maybe the two inch cuffs will be effeminate.

Hey Austin, am a big fan of your posts and also Thom Browne (takes one to know one haha). Anyway, was just wondering if you can ID these 2 guys here and here. – James
The gentleman on the left is Thomas Finney and he works at Thom Browne. I am not sure about the guy on the right.

Thomas Finney Ask Me Vol. 7   Contrasting Blazers, Blue Oxfords and A.P.C. Denim

What do you wear at home? – Anonymous
Boxers and nothing when I sleep.

I’m seriously considering purchasing a contrast trim blazer. It’s grey with very, very minimal black contrast at the edges. I’m not sure what to wear with it other than jeans. Should I leave that style to the young crowd? (I’m 32, but most people think I’m in my mid 20′s.) – J.R.
Contrasting blazers are tricky and I am assume you want to get something with a grosgrain trim. These can look cheap and tacky if they are not done well and I would not recommend a cheap contrast blazer to anyone. Honestly, a gray blazer with black details can be tricky to wear. If I wear you, I would look into something more versatile. Maybe try a navy and black combination or gray and white. If you are really keen on getting the gray and black blazer I would try it out with charcoal or navy pants.

Lanvin Grosgrain Trim Blazer Ask Me Vol. 7   Contrasting Blazers, Blue Oxfords and A.P.C. Denim

How often do you shop? Do you give yourself a budget or buy whatever you like at the moment? Do you hunt for bargains or buy retail? – Steve
I shop quite frequently and usually try to find bargains and deals. Usually, I would wait for end of season sales and do my shopping then. If I see a piece which I do not think will make the sale rack, I will purchase it. These days I hardly pay full retail as I have amassed quite a large wardrobe and do not find myself wanting many things. When I shop, I try to look for pieces that will last me a few seasons and are easliy intergrated into my current warbdrobe. It is the worst feeling when you purchase something and you find out that it does not work with anything you have.

Do you have any recommendations for how to find a good (affordable) tailor? – idreamoflabels
Finding a good alterations tailor is always a tough task. I would ask your friends (who have an interest in properly fitted clothing) to suggest a tailor that they are comfortable with. When testing out a new tailor use clothing that you are willing to discard. You do not want to have them mess up clothing that you have heavily invested in or a piece that you really like. If you are really completely lost, I suggest you to search for a tailor in your area. Members on the message board usually have a good idea on which tailors to use.

My 18 yr old son is going to college. He is active and athletic. His daily wear will be very casual, but I want to send him off with some stylish pieces. Do you have a few casual footwear, pants and shirts pieces you can suggest for his limited closet? – Mrs. T
Congratulations on your son’s graduation. I would not recommend getting your son anything too flashy as he may want to fit in (or not). Oxford shirts should be on your shopping list. They work with everything and you can dress them up or dress them down. Uniqlo has great ones in various colors for only $30. You really can never go wrong with blue oxford shirts. Your son should also enter college with a nice pair of jeans. High quality jeans are worth every penny and will last for many many years. For starters, I always recommend either Uniqlo Made in Japan selvedge denim or A.P.C.’s raw denim. The A.P.C. New Standard if your son is on the heavier side and the New Cures if your son is on the thinner side.

apc new standard denim indigo 1 Ask Me Vol. 7   Contrasting Blazers, Blue Oxfords and A.P.C. Denim

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