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Ask Me Vol. 5 – A Clothing Guide for Thinner Guys

Can I wear a Navy Sportcoat with a pair of black jeans? Mind you, they’re slightly faded black jeans. – Geb
I always thought dark jeans with a sports coat looked kind of tacky. If you are going to wear jeans with a sports coat, I would suggest you wear the most distressed and beaten up pair you own. Wearing a darker pair of jeans with a sportscoat makes you look like you are trying to be somewhat dressy without going the full mile. Go the full mile and put on some wool trousers.

Brogues before hoes? – Allan

Trickers Brogues Ask Me Vol. 5   A Clothing Guide for Thinner Guys

How tall are you? – Tim

I saw you in midtown yesterday, around 57th and 5th. I didn’t want to bother you, but I liked what you wore yesterday. What were you wearing – the jacket, pants, and shoes? – Speigel S
Yesterday huh? I think I was wearing a Moncler Gamme Bleu navy peacoat, navy Giab’s pants, a Cucinelli vest and Crockett and Jones boots. Give me a shout next time you see me.

Austin, besides Zegna, is anyone making unconstructed, unlined made to measure suits. Zegna actually has the brown linen that I’m looking for, but they’ll only make it up in trousers, not a jacket. Anybody else I should check? Hope you’re well and have survived the fashion events. – AJ
Check out Isaia, their made to measure program is great and are willing to do almost anything. I would suggest you look into the “Sailor” model as it is shorter and unconstructed.

Isaia Sailor Jersey Jacket Ask Me Vol. 5   A Clothing Guide for Thinner Guys

I’m 5’5″, 135 lbs, and a 28 inch waist (and Asian, though I’m not sure if that’s relevant). Assuming we’re the same size (you look taller), I’m wondering what brands you like for fit because I’m having a hard time finding clothes that fit me. Could you list brands from different price ranges and categorize them by type of clothing? Thanks! – Stephen


Uniqlo – Pretty obvious choice here. I tend to stick with their pants a d shirts. They all fit me nearly perfectly. I have a few of the +J stuff and I love the fit of their shirts, stick to the slim fitted shirts (this may be irrelevant, since Uniqlo is discontinuing +J). As for the pants, I have a few pairs of their vintage chinos and their perfect shape cargos. Love them to death.


Gant by Michael Bastian – I love their cargo pays and sweaters. Fit is phenomenal. I never need to do anything to the sweaters or pants. I get a small in their sweaters and a waist 28 in their pants.

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece – Black Fleece tends to fit half a size larger then flagship Thom Browne. Their pants will fit you wonderfully but you will have some trouble with their jackets, they are a bit boxy. The quality (in my opinion) exceeds flagship Thom Browne exceptionally. Many of the new Thom Browne pieces are made in Japan by the same factory which produces Comme des Garçons and these pieces are not nearly as good as Black Fleece. If you need something “TB-esque”, go with Black Fleece.


Ovadia and Sons – I really like cargo pants and they make a great dressy one. They fit me great but you may need to slim the leg a tad. As for the shirts, extra small may be a big in the body for you, tailor it down.

Boglioli – Boglioli jackets feel great. Unconstructed and should fit you pretty well. I am sure that you will need to take in the jacket at the body though.

Thom Browne – I tend to wear lots of Thom Browne due to the fact it fits me perfectly. Across the board, I wear everything in a size 0 however, due to my bigger shoulders (from swimming as a kid) I am able to fit size 1. When I want a more conservative length for my jacket, I usually get a size 1 and taper the body.

Isaia – For the best bang for buck, I would go with Isaia. The quality is superb and almost everything is hand finished. I tend to wear a 36S in Isaia, (it’s quite a tough size to come by). I go with the short since I am accustom to the Thom Browne fit.  Look for the “Base S” and “Sailor” models, they generally have a shorter fit. Pants tend to be a bit big in the leg and I usually get them tapered.

Moncler Gamme Bleu – everything will fit you perfectly, the sleeves may be a tad bit long on you but everything else should be near flawless.  Down blazers all winter long.

Burberry Prorsum – I only have outerwear from Prorsum and I am very happy with every piece. I usually get a size 48 due to the fact, I wear jackets almost daily. I am guessing a size 46 will fit you perfectly.


Balmain – Everything fits great with the exception of the sleeve length. Balmain is also ridiculously overpriced.  Head to toe Balmain will get you ass (applies to all sexes and sexual orientations).
Balmain Fall Winter 2012 Ask Me Vol. 5   A Clothing Guide for Thinner Guys

Andrea Campagna – One of the coolest new designers out there. Highly highly recommend you check it out before it gets too popular. They do very fine tailored clothing with a youthful twist. Like Isaia, the quality is superb and if you get your hands on a piece check out the button holes.

Brunello Cucinelli – I have a ton of their stuff. They fit on the big side but I would definitely look into their pants, they do beautiful dripped dyed cargo pants and work pants (need to slim the waist and leg). The jackets will not fit you. I only have one of their jackets and was fortunate that it was extra short. On me, regular Cuci jackets are way too long and would look quite horrible even when tailored. If you can find extra smalls in their outerwear, buy it all, it is rare to come by and will fit you great.


StreetFSN – 10 Men Part 2

Thank you Nam for featuring me in your 10 men post.

StreetFSN 10men StreetFSN   10 Men Part 2Taken in Paris (Thom Browne scarf, shirt and sunglasses, Brunello Cucinelli jacket and belt, Moncler Gamme Bleu down vest, Lucien Pellat Finet cashmere t-shirt, Uniqlo vintage chinos, Crockett and Jones boots)

StreetFSN 10men Austin Wong 1 StreetFSN   10 Men Part 2Taken in Milan (Thom Browne jacket, cashmere turtleneck, shirt and sunglasses, Brunello Cucinelli pants and pocket square)

StreetFSN 10men Austin Wong 2 StreetFSN   10 Men Part 2Taken in Florence (Burberry Prorsum safari jacket, Thom Browne gloves, shirt and sweater, Giab’s pants, Col. Littleton belt, Ralph Lauren Purple Label sunglasses)

StreetFSN 10men Austin Wong 3 StreetFSN   10 Men Part 2Taken in New York (Thom Browne coat, jacket, sweater, tie and tie bar, Brooks Brothers Black Fleece shirt, Ovadia & Sons pants, Brunello Cucinelli belt)

StreetFSN 10men Austin Wong 4 StreetFSN   10 Men Part 2Taken in New York (Moncler Gamme Bleu down blazer and vest, Thom Browne shirt and sunglasses, Gant by Michael Bastian pants and hat, Brunello Cucinelli belt)

StreetFSN 10men Austin Wong 5 StreetFSN   10 Men Part 2Taken in New York (Isaia jacket, Gant by Michael Bastian sweater and pants, Ovadia & Sons shirt, Brunello Cucinelli belt and pocket square, Crockett & Jones boots)


Wishlist: March – Spring Outerwear

Balmain Cotton Canvas Safari Jacket Wishlist: March   Spring Outerwear

Balmain Cotton Canvas Safari Jacket – I love the technical twist Balmain did on this safari jacket. I have another safari jacket from Rag and Bone which has a similar vibe and find myself always wearing it a lot. Many of you may know I recently have gone Balmain crazy after I picked up the shearling coat from last season. I really need some more Balmain and may start the “Balmain for Austin” foundation.

Lanvin Bomber Jacket Wishlist: March   Spring Outerwear

Lanvin Leather Bomber – Right now, I do not own a single leather jacket (I know, shame on me). I sold my only leather jacket a few years ago on SuperFuture and really had no desire to purchase another one until now. I may even have a leather jacket wishlist next time around.

Thom Browne Parka Wishlist: March   Spring Outerwear

Thom Browne Houndstooth Hooded Jacket – Thom Browne always makes great macintosh pieces. The finishings on this coat are spectacular, everything down to the zippers and toggles are made for Thom Browne. These little details really make the difference. Recently, I sold the iconic Thom Browne Pitti Uomo khaki macintosh topcoat and regret it greatly. I can maybe replace it with this, a much casual alternative.

Michael Bastian Distressed Field Jacket  Wishlist: March   Spring Outerwear

Micheal Bastian Distressed Field Coat – I really like this jacket for it’s functioning sleeve buttons. I have never seen a field jacket with this type of sleeve treatment. I however have one objection, I wish this jacket came with the epaulets. Regardless, a great piece from Bastian’s second act.

Visvim Denim Jacket Wishlist: March   Spring Outerwear

Visvim SOCIAL SCULTURE COVERALL - Visvim always makes great stuff. I love their take on denim and this jacket is no exception. The jacket has a “damaged” wash and looks great on a lazy sunday. Visvim is one of those brands you can just throw on and you will get steezy results.

Balmain White Leather Perfecto Jacket Wishlist: March   Spring Outerwear

Balmain White Leather Perfecto Jacket – Even though this jacket will get dirty the moment you walk out the door, it is straight up bad-ass. Who else makes a white leather jacket? Stormtropper-esque steez meets Marlon Brando in the Wild One.

Givenchy Oversized Heavyweight Cotton Blend Parka Wishlist: March   Spring Outerwear

Givenchy Oversized Heavyweight Cotton-Blend Parka – Navy is always a great neutral color and you can usually pair it with anything. This parka really does the trick on those brisk spring nights and can even last you through Fall. We all know how much I love parkas.

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