Trip Preparation: G&G Tailors

On first appearance, G&G looks like any other Chinese laundry, a simple storefront with two changing rooms. Believe it or not, G&G is one of the best alteration tailors in New York City.

GG Cleaners Trip Preparation: G&G Tailors

Run by Angela, G&G alters things to perfection and I trust them with all of my clothing. A few weeks ago, I decided to have removable buttons on my Isaia jacket. After a long wait, I finally got my jacket and am pleased with the results.

Isaia Removable buttons Trip Preparation: G&G Tailors

Here are a few other pieces that she has worked on for me. Every single one of them are immaculate.

GG Tailors Backs Austin Wong Jackets Trip Preparation: G&G Tailors

Again, I trust Angela with all of my clothing. If you ever need to get something done, do not hesitate using G&G.

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  • Tripace1

    They are amazing I have been going there because I worked close by…so I am glad you endorse them too. She is flawless with fixing the waist and butt on too big jeans!