Wishlist: December – Big Brown Bad Ass Boots

November had some very strange days were the temperature hit the mid 60s and I often found myself overdressed and sweating. Those days are gone and it finally feels like winter has arrived in New York City. It has gotten colder and I find myself wearing boots almost everyday. Here are some of the brown boots that have peaked my interest this season.

Feit Hand Made Hiking Boots Wishlist: December   Big Brown Bad Ass Boots
FEIT Handmade Good Year Hiker – I am not really into the whole “this-is-a-modern/futuristic-take-on-a-classic” thing, but these are really fantastic. This boot has almost everything I want, lug soles, stacked heels and speed lacing.  Australian based FEIT has been doing some very interesting things to their footwear line including making a clear rubber soled derby. Note to the people of FEIT: If you want to make my head explode, make this hiking boot ostrich.

Visvim Virgil Boots Wishlist: December   Big Brown Bad Ass Boots
Visvim Dark Brown Kudu VIRGIL Folk Boots – A few years ago, you could get a pair of Visvims for under five hundred dollars. Now, be prepared to drop four digits on a sought after model. The Vigril boots are one of the most sought after boots from Visvim. This pair is made from kudu, which comes from antelopes grazing in the Bushveld areas of Southern Africa. Waxed kudu, treat yo’ self.

Mark McNairy Full Grain Leather Boots Wishlist: December   Big Brown Bad Ass Boots
Mark McNairy Full Grain Leather Boots – There is nothing better than a cap toed derby boot. This boot comes with a brick ridgeway sole and dark brown pebbled leather. The only thing I would add to these boots are some speed laces. I really need another cap toed derby, I find myself wearing the Crockett and Jones boots daily (along with my Uniqlo vintage chinos). Come to think of it, the bottom half of me stay relatively unchanged from day to day.

Red Wing Moc Toe boots Wishlist: December   Big Brown Bad Ass Boots
Red Wing 6″ Moc Toe Work Boots – I really should get a pair of Red Wings. This is one of their classic models and it’s a very handsome boot. Red Wing was one of the first shoe companies to use the Vibram Christy sole, a sole which has become very popular over the last few years.

John Lobb CHAMBORD II LEATHER BOOTS Wishlist: December   Big Brown Bad Ass Boots
John Lobb Chambord II Leather Boots – There are some days were I need to look extra fancy and cannot prance around in my Uniqlo vintage chinos and country shoes. For those days, I wear a pair of bench-made Grensons. I need a winter alternative and these fit the bill, split toe and ankle high.

Ralph Lauren Lined Boots Wishlist: December   Big Brown Bad Ass Boots
Ralph Lauren Lined Pre-Aged Leather Boots – I saw these boots in person, early on in the season and at first found them rather odd looking. I took a closer look and noticed that the boot had a liner and was incredibly heavy. Then I realized I was holding a pretty awesome pair of boots, they are extremely well made and look as if they could take on the harshest of elements.

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