Ask Me Volume 1

I have received various questions throughout the months and here are some of them.  Feel free to ask me questions.

“I was hooked when you showed your vintage braided nautical hook belt. I’m looking for something similar all the time on the internet…” – Chris W.

I have not seen a braided nautical hook belt anywhere, however Orvis has a belt with a similar hook mechanism.

Leather Nautical Hook Belt Ask Me Volume 1

“I am looking to buy a Thom Browne suit, what color would you recommend? Gray or navy?” – Alister E.

I would go with a gray Thom Browne suit. It is their flagship product and gray goes well with virtually anything. If you can, I would try to scoop up one of the older American made suits. These U.S. made suits are either manufactured by Oxxford or Rocco Ciccarelli. The older suits are superior in quality compared to the newer Japanese made products.  Check ebay for older suits.

“You look like you are the same size as me. Where do you buy your shirts?” – Luther S.

Uniqlo +J is the best bang for your buck ($50 a shirt). I highly recommend them; pretty decent fabrics and the fit is great. I usually get the slim fit versions. If you want something more high-end got for Brooks Brothers Black Fleece. Superior quality and the price points are not outrageous.

Uniqlo +J shirts Ask Me Volume 1

“Where did you get your green backpack?” – Andrew K.

I get this question a lot. I got my Swiss Army backpack a few years ago at an army surplus store in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  One day, I used the backpack instead of my attache case and ever since then, my Swiss Army backpack has been my go-to bag. If you want a similar one check eBay.

Why “Why You Mad?!”? – Christopher R.

I grew up on the NikeTalk forums and the term was used a lot on there. That’s why. And yes, I was a sneakerhead.

Can I put your photos on my Tumblr? – Jake M.

Yes, just remember to source the pictures. Internet Etiquette 101.

tumblr logo Ask Me Volume 1


Feel free to ask me things. Anything.

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