Uniqlo Olive Green Chinos

Designer labels aside, the most revolutionary clothing company has to be Uniqlo.  They have been able to manufacture reasonably priced clothing without compromising quality. Ever since the New York store opening in 2006, I have been a very loyal customer. At one point in time I wore a piece from Uniqlo daily and not much has changed since.

uniqlogreenpants Uniqlo Olive Green Chinos

One of my favorite pieces from Uniqlo has to be their “Vintage Chinos“. These cotton twill pants are pre-washed and are available in black, light brown, brown, olive and navy.  The best part of all, is that they cost $40 (you can buy 75 pairs of these or one Isaia suit).

As one of the rare few who doesn’t wear denim jeans, I have used the Uniqlo chinos as a supplement.  I find myself wearing the olive green chinos several times a week. Definitely a staple for me.

austin wong Uniqlo Olive Green Chinos (Isaia jacket, Thom Browne tie and tie bar, Brunello Cucinelli alligator belt and pocket square, Jil Sander shirt, Uniqlo pants, Ralph Lauren boots and sunglasses, Timex for J. Crew watch)

austin wong2 Uniqlo Olive Green Chinos

isaia jacket details Uniqlo Olive Green Chinos

cucinelligator belt Uniqlo Olive Green Chinos

Butt fades are beginning to show

chelsea crepe sole Uniqlo Olive Green Chinos

Crepe soled

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