Addison Combat Boots

Addison first opened their doors in 1958 and has been producing boots and shoes for the United States Army ever since. Unfortunately, Addison was forced to shut its doors in 2007 due to a decline in military contracts. Interestingly enough, I found an almost new pair of Addison boots at a local thrift store. Due to my fascination with vintage army gear, I knew that I had to have these.

dsc07253 Addison Combat Boots

These boots are standard issue combat boots which were primarily worn by Navy and USMC (United States Marine Corps) pilots and air crew. I was amazed to see a manufacturing stamp in the boot which stated the date of production: August 31, 1973.  Equipped with a Biltrite sole, triple stitching, double lined leather uppers and an ANSI (American National Standards Issue) steel enforced toe this 10-hole boot is built to be absolutely carefree.

dsc07261 Addison Combat Boots

Triple stiching

dsc07262 Addison Combat Boots

Toe of steel

dsc07263 Addison Combat Boots

August 31, 1973

dsc07264 Addison Combat Boots

Pictures cannot justify the thickness of the leather.

dsc07269 Addison Combat Boots

Biltrite sole

dsc07270 Addison Combat Boots

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