Isaia Dreamin’

During the last couple of weeks, I have developed a greater fondness for the Naples menswear label, Isaia. Famous for their red coral logo, Isaia has to be one of the finest tailored menswear companies in the world. Recently, they released their Fall/Winter 2011 lookbook which featured humorous shots of men fishing in exquisite tailored wares.

1isaia clothesbeforehoes Isaia Dreamin

0isaia clothesbeforehoes 655x646 Isaia Dreamin

2isaia clothesbeforehoes Isaia Dreamin

2yy8by8 Isaia Dreamin

4isaia clothesbeforehoes Isaia Dreamin

6isaia clothesbeforehoes Isaia Dreamin

7isaia clothesbeforehoes 655x708 Isaia Dreamin

8isaia clothesbeforehoes Isaia Dreamin

10isaia clothesbeforehoes Isaia Dreamin

12isaia clothesbeforehoes Isaia Dreamin

You may have noticed the uniqueness of Isaia’s fabrics which are all exclusive to them. Isaia has a strong belief that all fabrics should be created naturally without the use of synthetic chemicals. One of their coveted fabrics is the “Aquaspider”. The fabric consist of one hundred percent Australian Merino wool and is woven in a wider fashion. Most companies would apply water repelling agents after the fabric has been woven, but Isaia applies it before the weaving directly to the wool yarns. *Aquaspider may explain why they set their lookbook in a stream.

26isaia clothesbeforehoes Isaia Dreamin

13isaia clothesbeforehoes 655x624 Isaia Dreamin

14isaia clothesbeforehoes Isaia Dreamin

17isaia clothesbeforehoes Isaia Dreamin

One of my favorite things about Isaia is their use of subtle details incorporated into each garment.  Each jacket features very strong details, full canvas construction, colored collar felt, a red boutonniere loop, pockets anchored into the canvas and of course, red coral logo placement above the lapel notch.

Hopefully, I will be able to have a few more Isaia pieces in my wardrobe.

dsc05787 Isaia Dreamin

dsc05785 Isaia Dreamin

dsc05790 Isaia Dreamin

dsc05792 Isaia Dreamin

dsc05791 Isaia Dreamin

Sources: Clothes Before Hoes

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